Friday, November 09, 2007

The 300

Yes, I've been pouring out random ranty crap on this blog for 3oo posts now. In honour of this highly momentous occasion, I don't really know what to do. Ok, I'll do "how my life has changed since I started this blog."*
  1. Babies are becoming normal. One of my closest friends from undergrad had a baby a month ago, I have two good friends who are now pg, and it's weird. But sort of becoming normal. I'm still not really ok with it, but it's not a "you're so young, we're too young, ulp" sort of thing, but more of a "congrats, this is going to change our lives but I'm happy for you" sort of thing.
  2. I have cats. This is about as much responsibility for another creature's life as I want, to be honest. I honestly couldn't imagine our house without them, now, although I still have memories of not finding plates / coffee pots / glasses smashed when I get home. And the fluff. Ye gods, the fluff.
  3. I eat meat. Now, that has been a big change, in theory, but it really has just felt natural and I'm really not sorry. I am a tad ashamed that I don't eat only organic, free-range, I should; next year, it'll have to happen. But I love it; bacon alone has been entirely worth it. And those afternoons at Tequila Jack's would be much less fun without the wings deal...
  4. Africa. I always thought central & southern American would be my thing, because of the language. But after Malawi, I know I want to work in and on Africa. And I know it's reproductive justice and healthcare that I want to work on. That's been a good thing.
  5. Coffee. For better or worse, I have a problem.
  6. Embracing the US - love of Ken Kesey, Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee, knowing the AP top 25 College Football teams, dressing up for Halloween. It's all good. But it just makes me feel more English than ever, really.
I'm sure there are more, but my brain is not working - one of the things that has not changed is that whole drinking too much and rotting my braincells.

And it's time for work.

* and by "this blog," I mean this url, not the general idea of blogging on the old site, because that's just too much.


e. said...

My verification word ies "txisick"... almost like seasick... anywhos...

Congrats!!! and for 300 more with even more babies and cats and coffee and meat and alcohol... or whatever!

Have a good week, e.

wind-up-bird said...

I am so, so very proud to have helped change your life just a little over the course of these past 300 posts. That accomplishment, you have to admit, adds flavor.