Friday, December 01, 2006

Here Comes Johnny!

World AIDS Day today. We have a table giving out our WAD packs in the cafeteria. Which is great, except some people have asked what that pack would contain - and look surprised when we say condoms. Which is strange. What else would it contain? Anyway, we are giving away ten condoms; a guide to where to: get tested / get counselling / get more condoms; a red AIDS ribbon; and a chocolate kiss.

And in tribute to the NHS, I can report that regardless of whatever moaning people do at home about it, in terms of family planning it is amazing. Utterly amazing.

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missygp said...

More weirdness update: people who reacted worst to the condoms were all married people. Why? We don't get HIV/AIDS once we put on the shield of the ring. Now, I know that no one would think their spouse were cheating unless very paranoid and that wouldn't be good. Those of us in long-term relationships don't tend to think that about each other either... and always useful to have a couple of rubbers to make sure that if all else fails, you're safe? Or am I weird?